Tuesday 29 July 2014

A Couple of Hedges

These two lengths of Hedge were built from the large, round scouring pads used to clean factory floors. I was given a used pad some time ago and thought they would be great for hedges and trees.

The bottom two images show the work-in-progress. I have cut the scouring pad with a sharp scissors, glued them to some 3mm thick plastic card and built up the bases with DAS modelling clay and sieved stones.

Painting was built-up over a Black basecoat and the foam foliage texture was glues over the top with uPVA glue.

A couple of simple pieces of general-purpose terrain suitable for a number of different games.

I have posted this piece of 'scratch-built' terrain earlier than the promised 1st of the month as I am expecting both sets of Wargame Terrain books to be delivered soon and I would expect the 1st August post to be about the Book/Books.

Should you be interested in purchasing either of the books, please follow the links in the top right hand corner or,
Building Wargame Terrain link.
More Wargame Terrain link.

I have already sold 40 of the 100 signed and numbered copies of More Wargame Terrain in just over one week. I would expect the remaining 60 to be sold out very quickly.

And I have sold 20% of the re-print of Building Wargame Terrain!



Steve Casey said...

Hi Tony,

where's a good place to get plastic card?


Tony said...

Hi Steve,

I get mine from a number of sources, none of which wil be obvious to the model maker;

Firstly a recycling warehouse called Worcester Resources Exchange or WRE, I can usually pick up large sheets for just a couple of pounds.

Next ex-advertising display material. For example; I have just picked up two A4 sheets for free - ex-Dulux paint edge strips.

Your best bet is a sign maker, they use all sorts of different size and strength sheets for modern sign making and if you are lucky, they will give you the off-cuts for free.

Finally, try searching out For Sale signs or No Smoking signs. It is usual for these signs to be cheaper than plain plastic card.

I hope that this helps.


Tony said...

Try searching this link;



Steve Casey said...

Thanks Tony!