Thursday 3 July 2014

My Finklestein Regiment - part one

During my last On-Line Build, there were a number of posts over on The Notables yahoo group about different Finklestein (or 'Fink') regiments and even a couple of painted examples. I wanted to join in and paint-up a regiment but as I was partway through The Legion Irlandaise On-Line build (see this link for details), I thought it better to wait until July. So here it is. My latest On-Line build a Group of 'Fink' Dwarves.

However it was a post by Elton Waters also on The Notables that got me thinking.....

For details go to this post.

Question One;
What Race is the regiment?
Answer; All Dwarves.

Question Two;
What Models?
Answer; Eight Alternative Armies Dwarves - I have chosen a mixture of Dwarf codes to base my small regiment on. Most are from The Princess Julianna (LEU 03) set which is currently on offer at Alternative Armies.

Question Three;
What is the State known for?
Answer; Mining - or in particular Ore Mining

Question Four;
What colour scheme?
Answer; I decided that I would use my old school uniform colours. Blue blazers and grey trousers. After all the choice was up to me.

Question Five;
Hackles or Plumes?
Answer; At first, I was not going to add plumes, in fact I had cut off the small Shako decoration found on The Princess Julianna Regiment. However, well see my later posts.

More to come.


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M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Excellent start Tony.

Finks in particular, and black powder dwarves in general are all so very splendid!