Friday 11 July 2014

My (Revamped) Workstation

Yesterday I picked up a huge sheet of 6mm thick white plastic card. I usually use this card for making the bases of my terrain or models, but this piece was ideal to revamp my existing home-made painting station. The design of which was based on the Games Workshop model. A couple of hours later and here is the result.

The white plastic card had some purple sticky-back plastic on one side (maybe a Cadbury's chocolate advertising card) and this I have kept on the main base. The rest had the sticky-back plastic removed  before marking-out and cutting.

The new paint station uses the same white backed Contiboard base (chipboard) as the original with the purple sticky-back plastic extended over the front (to tidy up the front edge), while construction is No More Nails, some small tacks and superglue.

The new work station is 620mm wide x 465mm deep. The back panel is 180mm high and the shelf 120mm wide. The paint station shelf holds 66 paint pots.

Finally, here is an image of the original which had given me over ten years of service.

I have now ordered an A2 cutting board to cover the base. The image above shows an A4 cutting board.



jmilesr said...

nicely done

MarkG said...

Very nice Tony. It certainly catches the eye!

Pendragon Without said...

It looks so good I'd be reluctant to paint on it! Lovely piece of work!