Thursday, 16 July 2015

Flintloque Civilians -part three

Once the miniatures were undercoated, I started with the painting proper and added the flesh areas first. These were block painted-in and then highlighted with lighter colours before being 'washed'. I also tidied up the Black areas before taking this photo.

Image Two - When the Flesh areas were fully dry, I started building up the other colours. I usually paint from flesh, through under garments to top coats, but as you can see in this image, the painting technique was a little haphazard.

Image Three - Here you see the six figures with most of the painting complete. I have tried to paint them in non-military colours, something that was difficult for me being used to following actual Napoleonic colour schemes for my Flintloque miniatures. I am not sure that I have 'pulled it off' and might have to 'fiddle' with some final touch-ups later.

Finally, a word about the miniatures. This was a special almost limited edition set of figures and I think Alternative Armies have done a great job in casting them - there was hardly any flash and the detail was crisp, however Civilians in Flintloque?

Well I'm not sure.

I think my favourite figure is the tiny Gnome (front right) while my least favourite was/is the dwarf (front left). The other three are all right, and I can see me using them as characters in a Flintloque scenario. I think they are miniatures for the Flintloque fanatic (like me).

I'll post images of the varnished and based figures soon.


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Rob Alderman said...

Really great work! I need to paint these!!