Monday, 27 July 2015

Modelling the M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank

July has been a month of book purchases as Sue and I have taken advantage of the good weather and had many days-out, browsing various tourists haunts and obviously book shops/second hand book shops. Modelling the M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank by Steven Zaloga was just one book I purchase.

I picked up this book from a second hand book store in Pershore called Sedgeberrow Books. This is in my opinion, one of the best book stores/second hand book stores in the area and a real treat to visit. They specialize in military, aircraft, naval and old war books, so if you are ever in the area, search out Sedgeberrow Books, Pershore, Worcs.

I choose Modelling the M3/M5 not because this was a subject that I am thinking about modelling but because it was one of the first Osprey Modelling guides (No.4) and has many pages detailing tips and techniques, unlike some of the Osprey guides that followed. It was also written by Steve Zaloga who many will be familiar with as he regularly writes for Military Modeller magazine.

I found the book to be a great read and like many Osprey Guides, very well laid out. My only criticism, is that it is a little short at 80 pages - I would have liked more.

The layout is as other Osprey guides and follows a tried and tested format, lots of pictures and constructive and informative text - I have to admit to enjoying Steve's writing style. The chapters are split into; Introduction,
Kits and Materials,
then three in-depth modelling articles,
Other Modelling Projects,
Further Reading,
Museums and Collections
and finally an Index.

As a holiday read - it was just right and having been able to purchase it for the well discounted price of just £3.50, I was well satisfied with my bargain book. I have seen many other Osprey Modelling Guides (the yellow bordered Osprey books) - Modelling the M3/M5 is in my opinion the best.

Modelling the M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank by Steven J Zaloga
Published by Osprey Publishing
ISBN 9781841767635
List price £12.99

Sedgeberrow Books
25 High Street
WR10 1AA
01386 751830


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