Sunday 5 July 2015

Slaughterloo Monument from Alternative Armies

Image taken from the official AA site

Alternative Armies have produced this resin terrain piece to commemorate the actual World Events of June 18th 1815, it depicts a bullet scarred monument of stone blocks topped with a draped Greate BitOrc Flag (the one featured on the old Flintloque Box set) and a broken Ferach Eagle. For full details of the limited edition casting go to this post.

Image Two - The actual resin model needed some sanding of the base to get it to sit level. This was done with some 3M's Sanding sheets mounted on to a glass cutting board.

Image Three - I wanted my monument to be unique and decided to mount it on to a stone/cobble base. The cobbles are wallpaper picked up from B&Q, while the retaining stones are 3mm thick plastic card. The larger base is another piece of 3mm plastic card.

The groundwork has been finished in my usual way - DAS modelling clay with sieved sand and small stones over uPVA glue.

Image Four - My Monument glued in place. Any gaps were either filled with DAS modelling clay or Reeves acrylic filler.

This is a lovely piece of themed terrain and I'm looking forward to painting it.


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