Sunday 5 July 2015

Slaughterloo Monument - part two

As you can see I choose to paint my Alternative Armies Monument Light Grey, mimicking marble. This I achieved by painting a basecoat of Stonewall Grey and highlighting individual blocks in Blue, Pink and Brown before drybrushing with a lighter Grey.

I have also used watered-down White and Light Grey to add veining to some of the blocks, then more drybrushing and 'washes'.

Finally for this part, I have highlighted cracks, joins and odd stone edges in pure Skull White. I call this extreme highlighting - which is very effective if applied with a fine brush and only to the very edges.

The groundwork or base was painted in my usual colours, however I am running very low on Snakebite Leather and this particular Brown was mixed from a number of Vallejo bottles.

As with all of my images, you can click on the photo and enlarge it.


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Barks said...

Looks very realistic. Nice work.