Friday, 7 August 2015

Shep Paine Model Maker and Historian has died

I have read on a number of forums that the military modeller and historian Shep Paine has passed away. Shep was one of the inspirational figures in my formative youth and has been a driving force in my own model making career.

I have a number of his books on my bookcase and will miss his simple and direct approach to building models and dioramas.

For details of his models go to this link.

I have also seen this tribute to him on youtube.



Paul´s Bods said...

Sad News. I was looking at Pictures of his dio, The Gun Deck of HMS Victory just the other day.

Pat G said...

Bugger. He was inspirational.

Gary Amos said...

Well, it comes to us all, but I feel oddly very sad. A whole chunk of my 'formative years' has gone. I used to drool over photos of his models, especially in the old Historex catalogues and he was one of the two or three people who influenced my painting style.