Sunday, 16 August 2015

The August Sale Continues.....

For the whole month of August, both Building Wargame Terrain and More Wargame Terrain are being sold at the discounted price of just £15.00 (plus postage and Packaging). for full details see this earlier post.

However I can report that ALL perfect copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.1 - Building Wargame Terrain have now been sold and I only have a very limited number of slightly damaged copies left. Should you be interested in buying a copy of this book at an even further reduction please contact me following this link or follow the links to the right.

The good news is that I have spare copies of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 - More Wargame Terrain left. These can be bought for the reduced cost of £15.00 (plus postage and packaging) for the remainder of August.

At this moment there are no plans for a reprint of either book, I am however starting to think about a third book - any suggestions for content, should be directed here.


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