Thursday, 27 August 2015

Voyage of the Eagles - Commando Comic No. 4835

One of the latest issues of Commando Comics is this Napoleonic themed adventure - Voyage of the Eagles (4835) which I picked up from W H Smiths earlier this week. I have in previous posts commented on how much I enjoy the Napoleonic themed short stories from Commando and this was no exception. For details of this latest story please see this link.

The story is written by Ferg Handley, the same author who wrote the (missing) Napoleonic themed comic Lawless - the comic that inspired my Legion Irlandaise, see this link and the earlier posts for details.

I have very fond memories of reading Commando Comics as a youngster and usually read them and then donate them to a charity book shop. However with the Napoleonic themed stories. I prefer to keep them as gaming inspiration for Flintloque/Slaughterloo as can be seen with this earlier Blog post.


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Michael Awdry said...

Excellent, one to try and pick up tomorrow. I took out a year's subscription and now have them all over the place, I like your idea of donating them to charity, but will also have to keep back a few favourites.