Sunday, 22 October 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - the layout part five

At long last, the track has been laid and wired.

I have used PECO 'Crazy Track' that is intended for O-16.5, one length was bought from Tennents Trains in Halesowen, the other was spare from an earlier layout. The single Y turnout came from the same earlier layout.

I have removed a number of sleepers and re-spaced them to be about 50% wider than originally modelled. The turnout was left as standard, although one of the metal connectors proved to be a right pain to fit and I ended up using a big flat file to smooth the running edge.

The turnout lever was taken from a Wren turnout that I bought second-hand. I had wanted it workable, but the throw from of the Wren turnout was too short for the PECO one and so it is purely decorative. The mechanism is operated by the upright nail (to the front) which I will model as a turnout sign.

I wanted the track to be partially buried and have used DAS modelling clay to build up the groundwork to be almost level with the top of the PECO sleepers.

I should note that the track has NOT been pinned, I have glued the track in place with PVA glue and added plastic connectors to each end of the track (I don't want the scratch-built' engines to accidentally run off the ends).

The track has been laid onto 1mm thick light grey mounting card that I had spare.

Hopefully, more to come soon.


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