Thursday, 26 October 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - the layout part six

The first building I have attempted for the layout is the OSO SALT salt pan (The rectangular building with the iron roof tank on the left of the sketch above). It is closely based on the LION SALT WORKS, Cheshire salt pan, (see the image below) but with the signage turned through 90 degrees and facing the canal.

The main construction of the brick-built base was built from corrugated cardboard (two layers) stuck together with my hot-glue gun and then clad in brown paper and PVA glue.

The internal bracing is fitted for two reasons; firstly to give strength and keep the structure square and secondly, I intend fitting a small speaker into this box so that I can have sound, self contained diesel engine sounds playing on the layout. The full details of which have yet to be worked out.

The cardboard box is 170mm x 95mm x 70mm tall.


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