Monday, 1 January 2018

Christmas (and New Year) Board Games

As usual, we managed to play some board games over the Christmas and New Year period. First up we have Dixit an old favourite that we brought out once again.

Similarly Codenames had an outing and we had great fun, particularly one clue - four links - Bagatelle! Ask Sue and Holly about how I cocked this one up.....

Crossfire was a New game for 2018 and although we all enjoyed it, playing it a number of times gets you rely quite confused as to exactly what cards you have or have had!

Finally Mysterium - my favourite of the holiday games and one that although expensive is a great family co-op game.

Happy New Year.


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Kaptain Kobold said...

We played so much Dixit yesterday that my brain shut down :) Our games become a vicious battle of quoting cultural references that you hope one person at the table *won't* get, whilst everyone else does.