Monday 31 May 2021

Malvern Flea and Collectors Market

Sue and I visited the Malvern Flea and Collectors Market today. It was the first large event that we had attended for well over 18 months and we were naturally apprehensive, but apart from some overcrowding in the main covered halls the morning went well with bright sunshine breaking through around lunchtime.

I really enjoyed being outdoors and browsing the stalls - a bit like a huge up-market carboot sale, so much so that we were talking of attending the next event later in the year.

For anyone not familiar with the even, the market takes place on The Three Counties Showground and has hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of stuff (and I do mean all sorts). I also felt safe, the organisers had taken care to make the paying public feel secure during these trying times and Sue and I enjoyed the morning out.

I came away with some bits and pieces, but nothing too big (or expensive). My daughter who met us on site (and was the person who suggested we go) picked up one of her most prize possessions a tea pot to match her tea set, something she has been looking for for years (and I do mean years).

Back home we spent the afternoon lounging in the garden and enjoying the sunny weather.


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