Sunday, 9 May 2021

The Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - the planning

In this post I have included some of the many sketches I produced for The Yellow Pelican Mining Co. layout. The design progressed from this first image to the more complete plan at the bottom of the page.

The design called for a continuous loop with a loading siding to the front and some storage sidings to the rear (under the rocky back scene).

The trestle (to the front) was discarded as being too complicated and a possible weak point in the front of the layout (being too easily damaged).

The number of storage sidings (under the rocky backdrop) was still to be confirmed.

Hopefully this post gives some idea of the thought that went into the design - I had learnt from my earlier OSO Salt layout that Finley and Charlie just wanted to see trains running and were not interested in a back-and-forth design, added to this the trains will disappear into the tunnel entrance and then re-appear from around the right hand rocks.

In the next posts I will show how the baseboard was constructed.



Codsticker said...

Not a model train guy per se but I really look forward to following this.

irishserb said...

I look forward to seeing this as well.