Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Flames of War diorama accessories

In one of those (very) rare Eureka moments I was browsing through some old magazines/catalogues and came across some old Verlinden Productions Catalogues, specifically catalogue No.18 from 2002 (page 20/21) and saw these illustrations of various propaganda posters and signs. I immediately thought that they would make great diorama accessories and decoration for various Flames of War terrain and buildings, even 28mm displays, just cut them out and stick them to building sides or walls. These second-hand catalogues are regularly for sale at Bring-and Buy events through out the year and usually for just a couple of pounds you would have enough signs and posters to last a decent sized wargame club for years.

In scale terms the catalogue illustrations of the posters and signs would be ideal to use with 1/100th scale Flames of War, while some of the other illustrations could be used for 28mm WW1, WW2, Pulp or even Modern games. Just to be clear, I am suggesting that you buy a catalogue, cut out the illustrated signs and glue them to the sides of your Flame of War buildings, not purchase the sets from Verlinden!

I have included a ruler to give a better idea of the size of these illustrations.

I think they would be great additions to any gaming terrain, adding a touch of 'colour' and scale to otherwise plain walls and buildings and as stated above - one old catalogue would give literally hundreds of such signs.

In fact I am sure this idea must have been used before, if it has then I apologise, but still feel it is worth sharing.


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painterman said...

Great idea Tony - only wish I'd thought of it before I purchased the actual Verlinden sheets several years ago for my 20mm WW2!!