Friday, 12 November 2010

Portuguese Cazadores - part three

Firstly, I have to apologise for the quality of these two photos, they really are very dark! Since the last post, I have tidied up some of the conversion detail - carving back the plume, sanding the shako smooth and defining the lace-work on the jacket front with a scalpel. The figure was spray painted with Games Workshop Chaos Black and Tamiya Dark Brown. I sprayed the whole figure with the GW Black and then sprayed the Tamiya Brown from above, giving some definition to the miniature.

The jacket and trousers were painted in slightly different hues of Dark Brown, I actually used Vallejo Charred Brown as the base for both and added GW Gore Red or GW Snakebite Leather to lighten the colour. Both areas were Given a 'wash' of GW Baal Red and GW Sepia. The face was built up over GW Dwarf Flesh and the Red collar from GW Gore Red. The Black lace was built up from GW Chaos Black with just a touch of Vallejo Stonewall Grey.

The figure has been given a number of 'washes' to tone down my poor brushwork. With the basecoats finished I will build up lighter colours over the next couple of days. I have tried to be more 'subtle' with both the colour choice and the highlighting as strong (Dallimore or Heavy Metal highlighting would have been to 'toy like' on such a large figure).

I have a small Oak Base, 2inches x 2inches x 2inches that I intend using to display the figure on, while I have been preparing the model, I have also been sanding it smooth and will be mounting it once I am happy with the painting progress.

I will try to take better photos before the next post. One good point is that progress has been much quicker than I had expected!


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