Wednesday, 17 November 2010

New Ancient Greek Models from Grand Manner

Last night I saw these images on the Grand Manner FACEBOOK pages, they are so new that they have yet to appear on the official Grand Manner site! I am sure you will agree they are stunning.

The Amphitheatre, Raised Wooden Stage and New Temple were sculpted by me some time ago, the amphitheatre and raised stage already appear on the GM web pages, but the New Temple is brand new and a huge casting. It was a combined effort with Dave detailing the interior with typical Greek wall decoration, you can see more photos on the FACEBOOK site, just follow the links from the GM site.

The models have been expertly painted by Kate, Dave's daughter who is a very talented model painter. They really are fantastic.

As you can see by the 28mm Foundry figures who dress this set, this is an imposing model and one that deserves to be a great success. For anyone interested, the Greek models were all sculpted by me back in the early Summer, the Classical Temple (see link) and items of clutter were intended to link with the numerous new releases of plastic Hoplites and Spartans that were at the time still on the workbench but regularly discussed on Wargaming Forums.

My initial models and the releases from GM were (with the exception of The Classical Temple and the Argo) all smaller and ideal as battleground clutter. But I was not content and built a very large stone base for me to display my own 28mm Classical Temple, this is still to be cast and not yet available, but following on from this both Dave and I got 'carried away' and this larger New Temple was planned, drawn, sketched, discussed again and eventually modelled.

I commend Dave for having the 'guts' to produce such a 'feature' or 'signature' model it will make quite an imposing centre piece for any Greek/Roman game and I look forward to seeing other painted examples.

For more details go to the official Grand Manner site and check out the 28mm Classic Greek section on the revamped GM site. You may also want to browse the new FACEBOOK pages, just follow the links.

Congratulation to Dave, Chris and Kate for some stunning painted terrain and great photographs.



The Angry Lurker said...

As you said "Stunning".

Sigmar said...

Superb ! I love it. Did you add the raised stage from your own imagination or some historical source ? Did the "VIPs" sit with the crowd at such events ?

Thanks for sharing, it looks brilliant,

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Tony said...

To Sigmar,

It was Dave's (Grand Manner) idea to add the raised stage, other plans were to produce a raised stone platform, which may still materialise. The idea is that VIP's would use the raised stage and the 'plebs' would have to risk piles and sit on bare stone!

I'm glad you like it.


Steve said...

Simply WOW!

painterman said...

Tony - an impressive piece indded. Just need a lot of room for the GM terrain items (I appreciate that they're to scale).
Will try and start my windmill oneday soon!

Tony said...

Earlier today I saw this piece 'in the flesh' and was even more impressed. It really is a fantastic piece of terrain.