Saturday, 13 November 2010

Portuguese Cazadores - part four

These photos show the progress so far, most of the base painting or first and second layers have been completed and I have mounted the miniature to a small display base, a 2inch Oak cube and built up the base with Milliput sprinkled with sieved sand and small stones.

There is still a great deal of 'detail' painting to be done, but regular followers/readers will know how 'haphazard' my painting style is. The truth is I'm just impatient!

I am pleased with the figure so far, but do feel that the eyes need some work!

My plan (I do have one - honest) is to paint up the ground-work in a light sand colour and then use a 'detail brush' to touch up and add the missing highlights, then varnish figure and base together. I am sure there will be some static grass or clumps, but this is all for the future. I also feel these photos are so much better than the last (and dark) two.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Scale Model World, the IPMS Model Show at Telford, see; link


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