Friday, 26 August 2011

An Ogre of Valon - part six

I have finished painting the groundwork and as previously noted I was trying for a desert or Southern Spain bare rock colour scheme which I have achieved by building up the colour over an Umber and Snakebite Leather base with GW Washes. The flask was painted in the traditional white glaze over terracotta scheme and still needs some touching-up.

I am unhappy with the trousers which I feel look too dark however this may be dulled down when I come to varnishing the miniature. It maybe the dark washes? I have used Chestnut Ink an old pot of ink from GW.

In this image you can see that I have added a cork for the flask. It is a small section of cocktail stick which has been superglued down and washed with Sepia - a small addition, but one that I feel adds to the base.

I am getting very close to finishing this model and painting the fine detail will be the next task.


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John Lambshead said...

Nice paint job - fun model.