Tuesday 15 May 2012

Glasgee Lowland Rats - part three

Progress on my latest Pledge, the Glasgee Lowland Rats is moving forward, with most of the painting now completed.

Photos One and Two - The fur has been drybrushed with Charred Brown mixed with a little Snakebite Leather and Bloody Red. The eyes are Red Gore with a pinprick of Bloody Red, while the muzzles and teeth are Snakebite Leather highlighted with Skull White.

Photos Three and Four - Show the tartan, which was built-up over a dark green base, stripped with blue and then criss-crossed with grey (not white as this would have been too bright) and finally the gaps were touched-in with red.

The small areas of red tunic were painted Bloody Red over Red Gore. There isn't that much red uniform to see on this group.

Photo Five - The white areas (there are a lot) are first painted grey - Stonewall Grey from Vallejo.

Photos Six and Seven - The White areas are now painted Skull White, leaving some of the Stonewall Grey to show through. I have also painted the drum body Blue and added some detail to the bonnet bands.

Photos Eight and Nine - More detailing. The gaiters were painted Stonewall Grey and then highlighted with Skull White. The stocking tops were painted Red Gore and then Bloody Red and the tartan detailing (and bonnet feather) - Stonewall Grey highlighted with Skull White.

As stated earlier the whole group is moving forward very quickly. I think this is down to the fact that these models are such fantastic sculpts and because of this have a huge amount of character making the miniatures a joy to paint.

More to follow.


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Rob Alderman said...

WOW these are fantastic!!!
I tried painting these some years ago and gave up for another day.

Perhaps that day will come sooner that the little ratties think!