Friday 24 August 2012

Birch Tree Cones for modelling

This is the month for collecting Birch Tree Catkins or Seed Pods.


Because they are ideal for modelling real leaves in either 28mm or 54mm scale - and they are free!

Try garden centres or public parks and look for the distinctive Silver Birch tree trunks. Collect up the Seed Pods or Catkins and you have a free resource great for modelling.

Photo One - These are the 'leaf-like' seeds after separating them.

Photo Two - These are the pods you should be looking for.

The seeds will naturally come in a variety of different colours, however should you want a unique or stronger colour - the seeds can be dyed with watered-down inks and/or paint.

Images taken from the internet and this link.



Paul´s Bods said...

I´ve seen them for sale I recognised them but couldn´t exactly place them..I can´t remember how much but one day at work I was sweeping them up..tons of them and made the connection!
I´ve since had a go at making dye worked well, not very strong colours though.
Excellent link btw.

Ubique Matt said...

Great link and top tip. I'll be off to the park as soon as possible.