Monday 4 January 2016

Christmas continues.....

With both work commitments and visitors taking up much of our free time Sue and I have not been able to have a day out since before Christmas. Today we had a day in Cheltenham.

I was able to pick up a new pair of jeans from M&S, using some of my Christmas gift vouchers, but it was the Oxfam Book Shop where I picked up these three books, spending my Christmas gift money. And the real treat was that they were all half price. Oxfam Cheltenham have a New Years sale and ALL books are half price.

Book one - The Military Modelling Guide to Dioramas by Graham Dixey - £1.50.

Book two - A Game Of Battleships by Toby Frost - £1.50. I look forward to reading this.

Book Three - Shakespeare His Work and His World by Micheal Rosen and Robert Ingpen - £1.25

Here are some of the many illustrations in the Shakespeare book.....


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Fred said...

You got more than I did. I got a plastic box (all be it a nice Fallout 4 plastic box) and some of the loudest socks i have ever seen.