Saturday, 9 January 2016

Military Modelling - January 2016

I picked up the latest issue of Military Modelling while out shopping yesterday. I browsed through the contents while in W H Smiths - Worcester before purchasing and was impressed by three articles;

Boudicca's Daughter - a bust painted by Adrian Hopwood (see cover illustration). What impressed me about this 1/9th scale painted bust and in particular the techniques used is the use of Games Workshop paints and Talarn Flesh as the basecoat. I thought that the in-depth article was worth the cover price alone.

Hilzingen 1525 - a beautiful 1/45th scale diorama showing the forcible removal of the church bell. I would have liked more in-progress shots but again a great article. I'm tempted to model one of the smaller buildings for my own terrain collection.

Hetzer Hardware - there are a three armour modelling articles in this magazine, but I thought the 1/35th scale Hetzer conversion was the best and most interesting of the three.

I have commented before on the high cover price of these magazines, believing that there might only be one (at best two) articles of interest to me. The January 2016 edition had three plus another two that I have really enjoyed reading.

Military Modelling - January 2016
Vol 46, No.1 2016
Published by mytimemedia

Highly recommended.


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Steve-the-Wargamer said...

...just her bust?? :o) :o) I know...

I agree with you by the way about the price, £4.75 is outrageous.. I can buy a book for that price