Sunday 26 February 2017

Models For Wargamers is now available to order

Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 - Models for Wargamers is now available to order. 

The new book will be;
       A4 Portrait size
       Perfect Bound
       Premium paper - 300gsm gloss cover and 170gsm gloss pages
       112 pages (plus cover)
       8 articles and 10 step-by-step tutorials
       Over 330 full colour images
       Over 20,000 words

Models for Wargamers, like the earlier two guides is a 'step by step' guide showing how I scratch-build my models, buildings and terrain. It features easy to follow and well illustrated steps from conception, through construction and finally painting. I have tried to add text that compliments the colour photos and gives hint and tips on how you can build similar models for your own gaming table. The projects range from simple entry level structures to detailed and intricate models that can then be cast in resin. 

The first 100 copies will be signed and numbered.

HOW TO ORDER - NOTE new reduced cost

The books will be sold for just £12.50 (updated on 16.07.18) each. Payment via (old fashioned) cheque or Paypal. 

Should anyone wish to order a copy of the book, could you please e-mail me at; With your full name and address and your Paypal account details (so I can send you an invoice).

Please include - Models for Wargamers in the e-mail.


Each copy will be wrapped in clingfilm, enclosed in a custom card wrap and posted via Royal Mail.

Postage & Packaging will be;
      UK - £4.50
      Europe - £8.50
      Rest of the World - £12.50

(Anyone who wants the book/package to be signed for - please contact me at the time of ordering and I will amend the P&P cost).

Thank you.


Update 1
The first 37 books were posted out prior to the official launch at Alumwell 2017.

Update 2
45 books sold.

Update 3
The first review; From Kris Marquardt of Wargames and Railways is now available. For full details please see this post. Thank you Kris, I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

Update 4
The book has been featured and reviewed in issue 90 of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. See this post for further details.

Update 5
The first 50 books have now been ordered and sent out.

Update 6
The first 60 books have now been ordered, sold and posted. Thank you

Update 7
The remaining books have been reduced to just £12.50 and the P&P costs have been amended in line with More Wargame Terrain 


Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

Congratulations on the third book and do post up on The Notables when it is released.


Tony said...

Thanks Gavin.


Tony said...

One tenth already sold and I've still not picked up the hard-copies from the printer!

This makes it so much easier for me as I have to pay up-front for the production run prior to them being picked up (picked up as it's easier for me to pick them up than have them posted/shipped).

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Rob Alderman said...

Congratulations! I look forward to getting my copy at WMMS! :)

Tony said...

The 100 signed and numbered copies have now been sold.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this and the earlier two books.


Alex Garden said...

Hello - a beginner's question... You mention putting Das clay on top of pva. Is the pva wet or dry when you put the Das on top?

Also, you mention occasionally in your blog when you've had articles published in various magazines. Have you a list of these?

Thanks, Alex

Tony said...

Hi Alex,

Firstly an answer to your DAS question.

DAS can be applied over pure PVA or diluted PVA glue. It makes very little difference if straight from the tube/tub or dilute (if I do dilute - I go for a 50/50 wet water/PVA, wet water - water with a tiny touch of flow enhancer or washing up liquid added).

I think this is mentioned in each of the books:)

I have written for lots of magazines. I'm not sure I have a full list (this is something I will have to get around to one day).

Here is a quick list but far from complete. This was taken from Book one.

A list of published terrain articles
Dwarves in Tanks – Ragnarok (the in-house magazine of the Society of Fantasy and Science Fiction Wargamers) issue 41.
Tilting at Windmills – first published in Barking Irons issue 01, March 2010 and later published in Barking Irons Online April 2011 (Thank you Craig)
The Cabbage Patch – a two part article published in Barking Irons Online, April/May 2011.
A Dwarf Lager – a Wooden Storehouse published in Barking Irons Online, July 2011.
The Larrey Ambulance – construction and painting of a Flintloque themed ambulance published in Barking Irons Online, August 2011.
The Witchland Tomb – published in Barking Irons Online, September 2011.
Carry on Camping - (building model tents) published in Barking Irons Online, October 2011.
Small Witchlands Tomb – more models for my graveyard published in Barking Irons Online, November 2011.
Stone Barn – a scratch-built model inspired by a feature I saw at a wargame tournament published in Barking Irons Online, January 2012.
Well, Spring and Trough – another scratch-built piece of terrain published in Barking Irons Online, February 2012.
The Gingerbread House – not sure how to explain this one! A scratch-build fairy tale inspired model published in Barking Irons Online, March 2012.
Witchlands Hovel – or Russian peasants’ house published in Barking Irons Online, April 2012.
Wicker Fence – simple terrain building on Barking Irons Online, May 2012.
The Knights Tomb – more graveyard terrain published on Barking Irons Online, July 2012.
Cypress Trees – using shop bought trees to build a set of terrain, published on Barking Irons Online, August 2012.
28mm Gravestones – more Barking Irons Online, this time from October 2012.
The Chapel of Rofenburg – part one published in Miniature Wargames 355 (November 2012) and part two in 356 (December 2012).
Were-Chickens Coup – like the earlier Gingerbread House, a bit of fun, published in Barking Irons Online October 2012.
Bish, Bash, Boche – a three page terrain building article published in Miniature Wargames 360 (April 2013).



Alex said...

Tony - thanks for your helpful reply.

I'm going to look through my stack of wargaming magazines to see if I have the relevant issues. I read in your book the magazine articles sometimes have fewer pictures than your original submissions, but they'll still be encouraging to look at.

Disappointingly, some of the internet reference articles seem to be no longer available. I hope, if I dig deep enough, I'll come across them on some archive site.

I'm going to start copying some of your buildings, but I have a fatal flaw when modelling, whatever the subject... Once I get enthused, I don't have the patience to wait for the glue to set; the Das to properly harden; and the paint to dry fully. I just can't put something aside overnight. Perhaps following your articles step by step will cure me of that!

Thanks again, Alex