Monday, 16 July 2018

Models For Wargamers REDUCED

Earlier this week it was pointed out to me that Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 1 - Building Wargame Terrain was first published over five years ago and Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No.2 - More Wargame Terrain over four years ago. How time flies.....

Please note; There are no copies of Building Wargame Terrain left.

To commemorate the anniversary I have reduced the price of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 - Models For Wargamers to just £12.50 (was £18.00) and brought the postage cost down to match the earlier book.

In addition I have reduced the cost of Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 - More Wargame Terrain to £12.50 (was £15.00). Please be aware that there are limited numbers of both books available.

To order Models For Wargamers please use this link and to order More Wargame Terrain please use this link.

Thank you.


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