Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy

'Broadsword calling Danny Boy'
by Geoff Dyer
Where Eagles Dare - a guilty pleasure

I was intrigued to read a book review published in this weekends edition of The Mail on Sunday. 'Broadsword calling Danny Boy' by Geoff Dyer is a book detailing how the motion picture Where Eagles Dare is a guilty pleasure of so many serious film critics and men of a certain age.....

50 Years on - my guilty pleasure

As I read the review I was instantly thinking how much this particular film has the same effect on me. Whenever it is on TV I can't help but tune in and start watching it. My wife believes that I could act each of the parts and truthfully, I could!

The review goes on to list the many critics who take to the sofa whenever the classic Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood film is aired. The novelist, literary critic and jazz aficionado Geoff Dyer tells of how he first saw the film over 50 years ago and that even today it has a profound effect on him. He makes it clear that the film is anachronistic, asinine and absurd but it is still so much better than so many more modern (and better made) films. The reviewer goes on to state that reading Broadsword calling Danny Boy is a bit like watching a post-pub screening of Where Eagles Dare with a wise-cracking mate. Wow, what more could you ask for?

I'll bet this will get you smiling - you tube link.

I'll also wager that just the sentence "Broadsword calling Danny Boy" is enough to make certain readers of this Blog smile, as they know exactly what that one short sentence refers to.

'Broadsword calling Danny Boy' by Geoff Dyer
Published by Penguin
ISBN 9780141987620
List price £7.99

It got me thinking.....

What other films have the same effect?

Here are a couple of suggestion;

The Guns of Navarone.

And Kelly's Heroes.

What films could you add to this list?



joppy said...

'Oh good, snorkers' said by Stanley Baker
'Spit boy, spit' said by Nigel Green
'I'm a British Officer and you're all under arrest' said by Cary Grant (I may have got the quote slightly wrong)

Just the first three that come to mind.

Simon said...

“Broadsword this is Danny Boy”
Kelly Heroes is up there ‘A Sherman can give you a very nice edge’.
Where Eagles Dare is superb, I much watch it at least twice a year.
I find I watch the German film Downfall a lot. Just well so well done.
What about Cross of Iron “Let me take you to the land where Iron Crosses grow”
Sea of Sand, LRDG and David Niven.
The Longest Day
The Dirty Dozen, Donald Sutherland again...
The Battle Of Britain
Zulu, Zulu Dawn, The Four Feathers (Heath Ledger version)
The Eagle has Landed oh there are so many!

Tony said...

I also thought about adding The Dirty Dozen to my list - so that's a goer. And OK Battle of Britain as well, but Sea of Sand is new to me so I'll try and find that one.

All suggestions are appreciated and The Eagle has Landed must be one of Michael Caine's best ever films, so another addition added.

Boy, my War Film binge weekend may turn into a binge week!


Tony said...

I would also like to add one more film;

Sahara staring Humphrey Bogart made in 1943.

Here is the Wiki link;


Jeremy Ramsey said...

Unfortunately, the book is rubbish - just a stream of snide, "aren't I a clever t**t, rubbish.

Tony said...

"Unfortunately, the book is rubbish - just a stream of snide, "aren't I a clever t**t" rubbish."

I don't think it matters. I've not read the book, I just think that the premise that this 50 year old film has such a strong association with the viewers is what is important - at least to me. I'm not even sure I will read the book, I just like the thought of enjoying certain films, films that have such a strong effect on the watcher.

And to be honest I'm not saying that Where Eagles Dare is a great film, it just ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned.


Admiral Drax said...

All of the above. And Dambusters...

And A Bridge Too Far

commanderroj said...

Totally agree that it ticks all the boxes. I am a bit under the weather today so I think it is time to dig out the DVD. As for other films, additional to those already mentioned, for me “The Ipcress File”, “Funeral in Berlin” and oddly “The Deep” (plus any James Bond film made between 1969 and 1983).