Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Used Sanding Discs - a very welcome gift

Earlier today I was given some slightly used sanding discs and just wanted to say thank you. Thank you Alex.

The details

The 10 Velcro backed discs are superfine abrasive pads used for polishing acrylic worktops. They range from P 320 to P 1200 grade and should prove perfect for model making.

Not keeping your hobby a secret

I am a keen believer that you should not keep your hobby a secret. In the past I have been presented with a 1.24th scale motor torpedo boat, model railway scatter material and boxes of model soldiers, all this in addition to lipstick containers, plastic sheeting and even a De Villbiss airbrush. All because I regularly talk about my hobby to family and friends.

These sanding discs are a perfect example of what can happen when you talk to friends about your hobby.

Free gifts

Earlier this year my Brother-in-Law sent me a box of 1:100th scale die-cast aeroplanes, some narrow gauge railway books and a box full of HO-OO plastic buildings. While last Christmas I received a huge block of balsawood from the Father-in-Law of my other Brother-in-Law who lives in Hastings.

You could be missing out

Are you making the most of your family connections?


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