Tuesday 31 March 2020

Birthday Gifts

This years birthday has been a little strange, but I have received these gifts from Sue, Flo and Holly. In addition to the presents above, I had my usual block of DAS (Christmas or birthdays just wouldn't be the same without a block of DAS).

I have also had a voucher for W H Smiths and a bottle of Tio Pepe - thank you Mum and Holly.

Stay safe.



RichardL said...

Happy Birthday.
if i might ask what is perhaps a simple and hopefully not stupid) question: how do you store your opened packs of DAS? Is there a clever tip to keep it fresh, from you or any of your readers?

Tony said...

"How do you store your opened packs of DAS?"

Freezer bags. The sort with a double seal across the top work best but simple single seal bags also work well. If your DAS starts to set - add some water to the bag. You can also seal the bag with a simple bulldog clip.

I hope this helps.


Tony said...

I'll try to post some images on the Blog.

Give me a day or two to take the photos.


leadmess said...

happy birthday Tony!

Michael Awdry said...

Very many happy returns Tony.

airhead said...

Happy birthday Tony

All the best


RichardL said...

Thanks Tony. Freezer bag is an obvious one I hadn't thought of! Many thanks.

Mark Farr said...

Hi Tony our resin man Vince who used to work for hysterical games has mentioned you as a good 'go to guy' for buildings, would you be interested in doing some stuff for Footsore?

Tony said...

Hi Mark,

Yes I'd be interested. Please contact me at;

And best wished to Vince, I miss not being able to nip across to Stratford and share some bickies and tea.