Thursday 23 February 2012

New Dwarf Regiment - part six

This week has seen the weather improve and my time at my painting desk increased. In fact some of the highest temperatures in the country have been recorded just 30 miles away. The Pledge is back on track!

Images One and Two - progress so far. The musician has had his beard repainted a glowing Orange and the Dwarf Muskets painted. The stocks have been painted in a Scorched Brown/Snakebite Leather mix, while the metalwork is all GW metallics. Some of the very best metallic paints available.

Photo Three - The Battenburgers. A name inspired by the flag colours, the famous Battenburg cake and comments on this Blog. The flag is a section of tomato puree tube superglued to a metal rod flag pole and topped by a small square or cube of plastic card.

The standards colours are painted over Stonewall Grey from Vallejo and are a mix of Badmoon Yellow/Skull White and Blood Red/Skull White. The highlighting is done by adding more Skull White while the border is Snakebite Leather.  The standard decoration/motif is from a German WW2 transfer sheet that I had spare and applied over Johnson Klear (Future in the US) and then sealed with Klear.

Photos Four and Five - additional images of the standard bearer and the Battenburg flag design. The design was painted on a flat flag and when fully dry the foil was folded into the shape you see. Any cracks, there are always some, were touched up with pink and yellow.

I am pleased with the progress so far, there was a period when the snow began to fall again, that I was wondering if The Pledge was in serious doubt. I hope that you enjoy the On-Line Build to date and that you can also see the humour in this particular regiment of Finklestein Dwarves.

Not much more to say except "I don't like Battenburg Cake - too much marzipan" - the base painting will be next and then on to the varnishing.


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