Thursday 15 March 2012

Gingerbread Mania - part four

The Pledge continues with some more painting of this Very Limited Edition set of Gingerbread Man, Head Chef and Two Dwarf Patisserie Chefs which will soon be available from Alternative Armies.

Photo One - Shows the group of four VLE miniatures.

Photo Two - The giant animated Gingerbread Man with 'currants for eyes and jelly tots for buttons.'

Photo Three - The Head Chef (my Gordon Ramsay inspired model) and the two distraught Dwarf helpers. I am not sure about the ginger bearded colour scheme on the one on the left and will more-than-likely re-paint him with a dark brown beard and hair.

The initial scenario called for a single Gingerbread Man, however I could imagine modifying a second Gingerbread Man miniature with a different facial expression for use in my Gingerbread inspired scenarios.



Henry's Tat said...

lol great job on these!

DeanM said...

Really nice work; the G-bread man looks tasty! Best, Dean