Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Gingerbread Mania - part six

Finally, my Gingerbread Man and his Bakers are finished.  I am very proud of this little set, having first sculpted the masters, then seeing them cast in metal and now fully painted and based.

The Gingerbread Set (VLE11) is now available from Alternative Armies, full details can be found here

Photo One - The completed set. (Please note that in the Gingerbread Set - there are six miniatures, you get three Gingerbread Men and not one as shown here.)

Photo Two - The Baker Boys, Bakerov The Cook and his two Dwarf helpers Findas and Buertseye.

Photo Three - The animated Gingerbread Man, who stands nearly 50mm tall. A real giant amongst confectionery!

It is pretty obvious from the images, but for completeness. The miniatures were first varnished with Ronseal Gloss Varnish and when fully dry given three coats of Acrylic Matt Varnish from Galleria. The Gingerbread Man's buttons and raisin eyes were gloss varnished with some Klear/Future before the static grass was added by first painting random spots of uPVA glue and then two types of scatter before blowing of the surplus.

My Pledge for March is complete. With so much time left before the end of the month, I should really try and get something else painted up.


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Tea in Thailand said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Love the ginger bread man! He looks ace.

Sorry I'm not there to bake you a cake. Love you loads xxxxxxxxxx