Saturday 24 March 2012

White Dwarf 387

This week I was given White Dwarf issue 387, March 2012 as a birthday present.  I have not picked a WD for some time, since Games Workshop stopped distributing to WHSmiths. It was therefore something of a pleasant surprise to be able to settle down and read the magazine from cover to cover.

Whatever you may think of GW or their policy of no longer supplying WHS, I for one hove not missed WD. The magazine gift was like making the acquaintance of an old friend, however I am not planning on taking out a subscription or running off the the local Games Workshop Store (Worcester) to pick up more. Never-the-less I have enjoyed reading this particular issue.

A couple of the highlights were the new plastic Wolves or Fenrisian Wolf Pack, a set of five beautifully sculpted  leaping wolves for £15.00. I also found the short article on glues interesting, however I tend to pick up my Superglues from the Internet. The article by Jervis Johnson was very good and well worth picking over and the pages dedicated to the Games Day Golden Demon 2012 Slayer Sword Winners were lovely eye candy, but nothing very special and similar photos are bedecking the Internet, some with much better images.

All-in-all, a great read but nothing that is going to change my mind over buying new White Dwarf magazines. There are trade rumours that Miniature Wargamer are planning a new Fantasy based magazine for later this year (I read about it in the most recent on-line edition of The Ancible) and I look forward to seeing how they approach this market.

Overall, a birthday treat and one that I am truly gratefully for, but as stated earlier and without becoming a GW 'basher' this is no longer a magazine for me.

I could not say that I will never buy another White Dwarf, in fact I would assume that I would. But for now I just seam to have moved on.

I was intrigued to read about the planned events for March (most now gone) for example;
Materclass Sculpting workshop with Aly Morrison for 5th May, at just £105 (I am being tongue-in-cheek) these look like good value!
Scenery Masterclass 10th March, this time for £115 for the day.

I would be interested in reading reviews of these new ventures and although I would just love to attend one. I just can't justify this amount of money for a sculpting course.

Games Workshop's In-house magazine White Dwarf, issue 387 from March 2012. £4.50.


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Lasgunpacker said...

My subscription lapsed in December, which marks the end of something like 15 years of the magazine for me.

It is a shame that there is not really any similar independent magazine.