Wednesday 11 April 2012

1st Moldsk Guard - part two

Part two of The Pledge for April sees the miniatures undercoated with Black spray paint and the basic colours added.

Photo One - Black undercoat taken with a flash, hence the strange glow!

Photo Two - The start of 'real' colour, mainly flesh, the Green uniform colour and some Red. As usual, pretty haphazard.

Photo Three - The officers coat has been painted Dark Brown - actually Charred Brown from Vallejo with some Snakebite Leather added for the first highlight. I choose to have the officer wearing white gloves - not sure about this!

Photo Four - Now for the confession. I'm not sure I like this colour scheme or the painting. This particular LEU 02 set was sculpted by me some time ago and I have been looking at partially based and undercoated figures for some months. Now that I have started painting them, the painting looks all wrong. Oh well, this will NOT STOP my Pledge to get ten units painted in 2012. I just have to push-on.

Do other painters have this issue - getting part-way through and then not liking what you see?

More to come.



Leigh said...


Sometimes I push on, on the basis once all the colours are done it will look better, sometime I start over. Depends on the model and how much time I have already spent on it.

Often if I am really having doubts I will try and finish a single figure to see how it works, and then if it doesn't lots of work is not wasted, if it works I now have inspiration for the rest of the unit.

Tony said...

Good advice. As always.