Monday 9 April 2012


Easter weekend saw the landmark of my 300th Follower.  I didn't start this Blog to count up followers. In fact I am not sure I even realised that you could follow Blogs! It was started as a piece of therapy, to both give me something to do and help me through a period of unemployment. Now four years on and over 800 posts, I feel I have developed as a Blogger and made some very special friends.

Thank you for all the support. It is very much appreciated.

A very humbled, Tony


BigLee said...

Congratulations, well deserved.

lrqan said...

onwards and upwards, well done.

Pablo El Marques said...

You are welcome! ;-P
Congratulations and thank for share your works.
You are GREAT so you have a great 'unit' of followers!! :-D

Paul O'G said...

Well deserved indeed
Proud to be one of them!