Monday 2 April 2012

Gingerbread Mania - part seven

Barking Irons Online have just updated their Web pages to include more information of the Bakerov Gingerbread Men Set. For even more details and images of the painted miniatures go to this link.

I note with some satisfaction that the Very Limited Edition Set (VLE 11) is already 20% sold out. 

Please note that the actual set contains six miniatures and not just the four shown here - there are THREE Gingerbread Men and not just the single one as illustrated above.

I see regiment of Gingerbread Men each one with different Regimental facing colours (Jellytot Buttons) marching step-by-step across the frozen Witchland Steppes to harass the retreating and terrified Ferach Columns. With Gingerbread Artillery (Huge Gingerbread Biscuits hurled like Frisbees across the battlefield) in support. Who will be the first to field a complete regiment of these huge Biscuit Monsters?


Rob Alderman has painted up his set of six miniatures and posted a video. Here is the link;


Rob Alderman said...

Don't challenge me!!!!

I only want 3! I only want 3! I only want 3! I only want 3! I only want 3! I only want 3! I only want 3! I only want 3!


fogsoldiers said...

Gingerbread...chew chew chew...

Phil Curran said...

A potential Bloodbowl team me thinks !!!!