Monday, 28 September 2020

Another Narrow Gauge Adventure - Narrow Gauge World issue 152

Issue 152 of Narrow Gauge World has an article written by me showing how I built this cute one truck Shay. The model was scratch-built to the unusual scale of 1:27.7 or 11mm = 1 foot which perfectly mimics 18 inch narrow gauge running on 16.5mm or HO-OO scale track, in this case Peco Crazy Track.

The model was built from various thicknesses of plastic card and runs on a modified Hornby 'Smokey-Joe' 0-4-0 HO-OO chassis.

The model locomotive was conceived and built to run on my latest narrow gauge railway layout, The Yellow Pelican Mining Co. Expect to see many more posts over the coming months, detailing how I planned the layout and how I built it. The whole idea for the layout was a joint effort between myself and the two junior engineers Charlie and Finley (my grandsons) who have been quite vocal about what they want to see on their model train set - for example; Engine No. 3 (the first engine built for the layout) was named by Charlie - it had to be called Percy!

Welcome to the Yellow Pelican Mining Co. model railway chronicles.



irishserb said...

That is an absolutely wonderful little shay. Beautifully done!

Peter Ball said...

That's a delightful little engine. :)

Heisler said...

I'm certainly looking forward to this. Geared engines are probably my favorite type of steam locomotive. The railroad I model had a 2 truck shay in addition to a roster of rod locomotives. Great looking Shay!

RogerB said...

An individual was nice enough to hijack your blog and post it on The Miniatures Page.

Many have been trying to discourage this but he still refuses to even name the blogs.
We try to alert the blogger as well as follow up on TMP and credit the work.

Great Blog by the way!