Monday 7 September 2020

September - Painting one mini at a time - part five

The painting has been done with various acrylic paints. The horses body was detailed with washes of dark brown over a chestnut colour.

Once fully painted, the model was both gloss varnished and then matt varnished before I satin varnished the horse and gloss varnished the armour. The base was decorated with some static grass applied over PVA glue.

The final image shows the converted Centaur alongside a Spartan Miniatures 40mm Hoplite which I painted earlier to give an idea of the size of this unique figure.

I'll try to get some more Typhon models painted up and posted soon, but for now, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling



Biblicrafts Miniatures said...

Beautiful outcome! The skin tones are great!

Tony said...

Thank you.