Sunday 6 September 2020

September - Painting one mini at a time - part four

Here is the latest model for my 40mm Typhon collection - a Centaur, an armoured Centaur. I have used the upper body from one of the Spartan Miniatures Heroes and the horse from a 40mm Lord of the Rings collectable figure. The metal body on a resin horse was way too heavy and would have over-powered the two rear resin legs, so I reinforced one of the legs with a piece of paperclip wire. The wire was superglued into an indentation that was cut into the leg while the upper torso and horses body was 'blended' with Milliput and Green Stuff.

The Centaur was mounted onto a metal washer with the groundwork built over some old lead bases (to give it some stability) and then decorated with fine sand.

The resin horses body was then coated with Milli-butter (a mix of Milliput and Isopropyl alcohol - something I first saw on the Marco Frison You Tube channel - See this link) to smooth out any joins and add some strength to the model. In this image, I have undercoated the model with Tamiya spray primer in preparation for the main painting.

 Stay tuned for more updates, but for now, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


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Biblicrafts Miniatures said...

Great work so far! The Spartan has excellent details! Waiting to see the final result!
Stay safe and Healthy!