Thursday 10 September 2020

September - Painting one mini at a time - part seven

Another 40mm scale miniature for my Typhon project - this time Hercules a conversion using the lower body from a 40mm Spartan Miniature, the body from a HeroClix miniature - Hercules (from Secret Invasion Marvel) and the head from the Spartan Miniature set. I used Green Stuff to 'blend' the various parts and a pre-decimalisation penny for the base.

The club was modelled from some 3mm plastic card and 'pinned' into the hand before being superglued.

After a Tamiya spray coat primer was applied, the flesh areas were built up over a brown wash.

And the detailing done with a Rosemary & Co 401 no. 3 brush.

The figure was both gloss varnished and then matt varnished before I added some static grass to the base.

The final image shows my converted Hercules and The Nemean Lion (another conversion - using a plastic zoo lion and some Milliput).

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