Thursday, 17 September 2020

September - Painting one mini at a time - part nine

Another 40mm Spartan Miniatures model. This time one of the heroes. The model was mounted onto a pre-decimalisation penny and the groundwork was built up with Milliput epoxy putty. I then used some Vallejo modelling putty to hide seams and smooth out areas of the armour.

I have found that the Spartan Miniatures sculpts are of varing quality - the main group of modular Hoplites (body and lower legs as a one piece casting and then head and arms can be added) are better sculpts while the heroes, see above are more 'two dimensional' and can look very flat from certain angles.

The figure was undercoated with Tamiya spray primer and then basecoated with a black/brown base.

The metallic areas were painted first with a bright gold colour which was 'washed' to bring out the sheen and detail.

Then it was onto the flesh areas which were painted in my usual Barbarian Leather/Snakebite Leather base and highlighted in layers before being washed with a flesh wash. It has been great fun searching through my Lead Mountain and finally getting around to painting these metal miniatures.

I'll post more images and details later, but for now, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


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