Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aerofauna part four

The latest addition to my collection of Aerofauna is this small group of three Canal Drakes. The miniatures are Flying Dragons (AC4) from the Hordes & Heroes range by Kallistra, see;

The models needed quite a bit of cleaning-up, removing joint lines and flash before being animated (brute force to twist the necks and tails).

The Drakes were painted with a range of acrylic paints, varnished and then mounted in the same manner as the rest of the collection.

This photo, shows one of the Drakes shadowing the German Heavy Gunboat, SMS Hannover.

I am pleased with the way these small miniatures work alongside the 1/300th scale Aeronefs and considering they were bought to make up the minimum order value required by Kallistra when ordering by post, I think they have worked out well.


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