Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Flintloque in fifteen minutes (almost)

I was recently tempted to purchase a group of five Flintloque zombies from E-Bay. The group of painted and based figures cost me £2.99 (plus postage) and I decided to have another go at painting Ghosts (see earlier posts) and to see how quickly this group could be finished.

Photo One - Shows the group of six finished miniatures (I had an axe wielding zombie in my spares box - as you do!)

Photo Two - The rebased figures on 2p coins built up with Milliput. Note the use of 'green stuff' to add height to the plumes and thickness to the trousers.

Photo Three - Undercoated with cheap grey car undercoat bought from Poundland. Any missed spots were painted with Vallejo Game Color, Stonewall Grey mixed with Games Workshop Chaos Black.

Photo Four - The first highlight, straight Stonewall Grey, wetbrushed (like drybrushing, but with more paint on the brush).

Photo Five - The second highlight was Stonewall Grey mixed with Reeves Titanium White (tube acrylic paint) and the final highlight was pure Reeves Titanium White, which I find is much easier to drybrush with.

I have tried to layer the highlights, darker grey to the bottom and pure white to the top.

Photo Six - Painting finished. The bases were painted GW Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Snakebite Leather mixed with Vallejo White and finally 'washed' with one of the new Citadel Washes - Gryphonne Sepia.

Photo Seven - After the miniatures were gloss varnished, I added some diluted GW Thraka Green wash, adding more to the top of the figures than the bottom and concentrating on the faces (or skulls).

The miniatures were then matt varnished (see earlier posts for details of my matt varnish recipe) and finally flocked with green static grass.

I estimate that, not counting the time I was waiting for the Milliput to harden, the paint to dry or the varnish to set - the actual painting time was less than fifteen minutes. In fact typing and preparing this post has taken longer.

Games Workshop Paths of the Dead miniatures have their beards painted a pale straw colour and some of the equipment or metal highlighted. I was tempted to do the same, but then this group of Ghosts would not have fitted-in with the earlier miniatures. "So there you have it a group painted in so little time, but still acceptable for the gaming table."


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