Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Flintloque - Obidiah

Two posts in one day - you can tell that I have too much time on my hands! This is Obidiah Limited Edition LE001, which I picked up some time ago as a second-hand and partially painted miniature. I think this particular miniature was limited to 500, so I should be grateful that I have one. The problem is that I am not too fond of this model. I have painted it a couple of times, but have never been truly satisfied either with the sculpting or my painting. It just doesn't work for me - which is very rare with the otherwise spectacular limited edition figures.

Mounted on to a 2p coin and painted over a Black undercoat, the figure stands 36mm/37mm tall. My favourite Obidiah is the Obidiah in Generals uniform (just covering his stomach) from the Obidiah's Army boxed set 5006. I have two!


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