Friday, 18 March 2016

Blue Foam - nothing but free foam

Yesterday evening I was sitting in the car waiting for Sue who had an appointment with the doctor - our colds and coughs continue. Sue had been in the doctor's surgery for what seemed too long, so I thought I'd take a look inside. She was still waiting to be seen and I sat down to wait with her.

As I looked around I saw that there were free or donated magazines on display and browsing one particular rack I saw both military model making magazines and aircraft monthly magazines. I picked up a few and sat down to wait.

It's amazing what you can find in doctor's surgery waiting rooms. I could have sat there for hours. But as Sue was called, I went back to the car to wait.

On the way out I saw that the local Chinese Takeaway was being re-modelled, with a full skip of rubbish outside. And there on top of all that rubble were three 2 foot x 2 foot pieces of Blue Foam about 12mm thick. I grabbed all three and threw them in the boot of the car. This should keep me in modelling foam for the next year.

A real win-win.

I should add that Sue is well, and just needed some stronger medication to shift her cough.


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Lasgunpacker said...

What a nice find! Unfortunately foam insulation is rather rare around here, so I never see any surplus bits, but I keep looking!