Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank - part seven

As construction of the Ma.K Hover Tank continues I have been thinking about what colour will I paint it.....

Regular readers/followers will know that this particular model - a 1/32nd scale Ju 87 Stuka from Revell has been a particular favourite of mine since I was a very young boy and I first saw this colourful box art back in Swansea Models and Hobbies. At the time the price was way too much for my pocket-money budget, but the thought that one day I would indeed model it has remained a long-term goal of mine.

So why not paint the Ma.K Hover Tank in these colours?

An internet search identified these transfers/decals for a 1/72nd scale Stuka. The decals have now been ordered from China.

Please note that the blacked-out images are of the sometimes offensive swastika. Similarly the box art above has also had the swastika removed.

The purchasing of the decals might be a little premature, but this simple scratch-build has taken on a life of its own.

The actual aircraft is a Ju. 87 R-2z Immelmann - Libia 1941 - There is some disagreement about the colour of the fuselage snake, some sources have it as red (as detailed above) others as brown/yellow (the same as the base colour). I think the red/white is the most striking.


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