Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank - part ten

More detailing.....

I have added a stowage bin to the turret. This was constructed from three layers of thick plastic card and detailed with sticky-back plastic and plastic card. I used Milliput to make sure I had a good join to the turret.

The turret cupola lid was cut from a Star Wars toy and the join was strengthened with a short piece of paperclip wire.

I have added two directional rudders to the rear. These were made from plastic card and plastic rod, detailed with plastic card. I envisage them being used for fine directional control.

The added clutter to the hull side includes a fire extinguisher and vision ports.

On the left side I have added a scratch-built storage box, jack block and metal tow hook. I copied the designs from various WW2 German tanks.

This top-down image gives an idea of the shape of this Hover Tank.

At this time, the turret is still loose. I will now have to sort out what I am going to do about securing it to the hull. Maybe magnets.



Lasgunpacker said...

This is quite a treat.

Have you considered one of those early war "bed frame" radio antennas?

Tony said...

"Have you considered one of those early war "bed frame" radio antennas?"

I'm not sure.



Zzzzzz said...

What about a colour scheme ?

And lovely turret bustle, smashing work.