Monday, 14 March 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank - part six

This set of images shows the continuing detailing work on the generic turret.

The cupola is a section of plastic road wheel mounted on to a 1/2 Euro coin, the weld seams are a mixture of stretched sprue and some thin Green Stuff, rolled out and applied over superglue while the two half-round 'ears' one to either side of the turret are round beads cut in half and then trimmed to shape.

The exposed torch-cut edges to the front of the turret were cut with the tip of a scalpel. The rest of the details is either plastic card or plastic rod.

Most Ma.K tanks I have seen have prominent weld seams on the hull. I reproduced these with thin strips of sticky-back plastic (ex advertising labels that have a very strong glue).

The light to the front is again a bead cut in half and detailed with thin sections of knitting needles. I strengthen the join to the hull by adding a short section of paper clip wire as this looks like it might get knocked.



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Nice attention to detail. And it looks cunningly done to avoid sticky out bits which will break off.

So far.