Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The Airships of Luther Arkwright part two

In part two I have featured the Airships of Cromwell, the Puritanical or Round Head fleet.

144 Desolate - painted in the puritanical colours of grey and black with the white cross of Cromwell.

265 Despair - easily distinguished from the rest of the fleet by the four funnel configuration, again painted grey and black

541 Deliverance - sister ship to 144 Desolate

And 728 Dreadful, the newest battleship of the fleet. The Luther Arkwight theme of plain white crosses on black backgrounds has been continued throughout. The models are made from either thick felt tip pens (called blow pens) or the drop tank from a 1/32nd scale airplane.

The markings are from GW, over painted to keep the white from apearing to stark.

There is one other ship in this fleet based on RAS James, but obviously painted black. I was trying to achieve the dark and moody feel of the comic book and the colour and sheer size of these battleships go some of the way to achieving this.


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