Monday, 24 March 2008

Flash Gordon - Hawkmen part two

With the completion of the Hawkmen, one of the major character groups from Flash Gordon have been added to my collection.

The Hawkmen are based on the Hawkmen from the Flash Gordon animated series, rather than the comic strip, 1930's cinema series or the 'Queen' Flash Gordon film. In the animated series the Hawkmen were always accompanied by warhawks and the Games Workshop hawk was added because of this.

Each of the miniatures are based on a 40mm round base and painted with acrylics from a variety of manufacturers. The bases (as are all of my Flash figures) are modelled on cork rocks which are first painted light grey then washed with black ink, water and Klear (Future in the US) before being highlighted with pure white and flocked.

Between part one and part two - one of the figures has had one of the wings replaced - the flat wing, by a modified curved wing, this is not very apparent in the photos, but does add to the variety in the figure poses. It also means that I have a spare set for one more conversion - Prince Vultan, maybe?

The inspiration for the conversion came from a pair of Nazi angels converted by Steve Mussared of Graven Images and Monolith Designs, thank you Steve, for the help.


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